Quality Control


Our efforts to produce meats with high quality standard are constant, and so that this may happen, we have the collaboration of all the company’s departments, from the  purchase of the animals up to consumer service.

Meat quality is the result of safety procedures and standards that ensure animal welfare, healthcare, nutritional and sustainable practices.


To certify the quality and high standard of the animals, the Livestock Procurement department conducts strict audits, ensuring livestock breeding farms that fulfill the preceding stages to both the industrial animal welfare process and the breeding, pre-production handling and transport systems. 


Throughout our entire production line self-control programs required and inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA, acronym in Brazilian Portuguese) are put in place.

All plant employees have qualification training on “Good Manufacturing Practices”, which make sure that rules are applied daily regarding personal hygiene, machines, facilities, common areas and cares in production. Additionally, the whole process obeys the “Sanitation Operating Procedures” with the hygiene conditions of the entire operation.

All transport activities up to the Industrial Units of Frigoestrela are carried out complying strictly with good animal welfare practices, including the unloading and pre-production handling operation. In our production lines, all self-control programs required and inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA, acronym in Brazilian Portuguese) and Importing Countries are put in place.


 All facilities, equipment, utensils and instruments are inspected and disinfected on a daily basis before starting the operations. Our internal laboratories perform monthly six analyses of water samples that we use in the manufacturing process, in addition to physical-chemical analyses of all products during the production process. Now the microbiological analyses of products and surfaces of the facilities are carried out by subcontracted laboratories, accredited by MAPA.

To ensure greater food safety it is necessary for all people to pass through metal detectors to have access to our industries’ production lines, as well as the products before they leave the plants.

Before starting the loading of trucks with our products, evaluation of internal sanitation conditions of the box truck is performed and temperature test analysis is carried out to ensure integrity of the product that will be transported.


Thus, with all self-control programs applied, from the arrival of the raw material up to the delivery to the customers, it is possible to maintain constant our products’ quality standard. With this, we ensure our customers’ trust and satisfaction and consequently, we strengthen our brand as a result of quality.

Our company’s Mission is “To offer high-quality level foods that 
satisfy our customers’ desires and needs.” Thus, the Consumer Assistance Service plays an important role in the continued relationship and satisfaction process of our customers and consumers.