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Selection of special cuts

Short Rib Angus Selection

The Angus breed originates in the northeast of Scotland, characterized by the production of animals with high quality meat, suitable not only for the domestic market, but also for the foreign market, presenting pronounced tenderness and flavor, thanks to the adequate fat coverage. and marbling (fat woven into meat fibers).The Angus Frigoestrela program prioritizes Quality, selecting animals from their origin.In this program, only animals with at least 50% Angus blood, castrated females or males and with a maximum of 24 months of age (2 teeth) are used, of which at least 3 months are confined.

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High quality control from animal selection (respecting the blood level and breed characteristics) to nutrition (only animals finished in confinement, with a diet rich in energy and without the presence of cotton byproducts). After slaughter, the animals are classified according to marbling and then separated into two lines: Angus Selection – golden seal and Angus Series – silver seal, in order to meet the most demanding quality standards of customers.The cuts of the two lines have the characteristics of good grease finishes, marbling and high degrees of trimming (cleaning) of the pieces.

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Nellore and crossbred females, with a maximum of 24 months of age and finished in the confinement of the Turbilhão Farm, with adequate nutritional and sanitary monitoring to ensure the quality necessary to meet customer standards.The Novilha Jovem (Young Heifer) program prioritizes the quality of the final product. All animals are selected on the farm and sent separately for slaughter and deboning, ensuring that the cuts have a good finish, softness and visible marbling.

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