Our major commitment is quality


Since 1979 Frigorífico Estrela complies with the strictest standards with efficient facilities and cutting-edge equipment that allow a production line of quality beef, pork and sausages in the national and international market.

All FRIGOESTRELA units are inspected by Federal Inspection Service (FIS) technicians who certify the production of all animals with international supervision in order to serve the world market. To ensure quality of the products, continuous improvement programs and integrated solutions are maintained with accredited laboratories, hygiene standards and high technology and productivity processes.

Observing strictly the specifications determined by its customers, our production seeks to conquer increasingly more highlight with our brands: Estrela Alimentos, Estrela Alimentos Linhas Especiais, Donna Estrela and Tchê.

All FRIGOESTRELA production units are located in the states of SP, RS and MT. In addition to Distribution Centers in the cities of Valinhos, Bauru, Brasilia and Campo Grande and a commercial office located in São Paulo, SP.


Our Mission is to offer food with high quality level that satisfy our customers’ desires and needs.


Our vision is to be a reference in the animal protein market.


Our values are our people, ethics, passion, quality and respect.


“Sacrifice and breakthrough. This has been our recipe to continue to grow in professional excellence. We have shown that dedication and love are not too excessive for overcoming obstacles and for maintaining activities, aiming at quality of the end product, customers’ satisfaction and our team’s professional success.

There are difficulties. They have always been there since the creation of the company in 1979. However, we have always broken through and kept ourselves firm.

The Group has quite grown in the past few years and has become the reference that it is in ethical principles and transparency, thanks to everyone’s effort day after day.

Our honesty goes side by side with safety which we have in working with people who share this same virtue on a daily basis.

If today are extensive, we owe it to each and every employee’s trust and endeavor! For this reason, we work tirelessly from day to day. We love our company Frigoestrela and our work.

And this dedication that everyone has is what motivates us to continue to surpass obstacles and to grow day after day.”